Niger Delta Quarterly Conflict Tracker – Q1 2020

Kidnapping in Bayelsa State | May 10-16, 2020
May 15, 2020
NDC Statement on the Appointment of Ibrahim Agboola Gambari as Chief Of Staff to the Nigerian President
May 19, 2020


The Niger Delta Peace and conflict landscape remained largely unchanged during the first quarter of 2020. There were no significant changes in the trends and patterns of conflict risk and violence during the period, compared to the fourth quarter of 2019.

In Q1 2020, there was an increase in incidents of conflict risk and a decrease in lethal violence. According to data, conflict risk, and lethal violence during the quarter were driven mainly by communal conflict and land disputes, gang violence, political tensions, and criminality including kidnapping. Violence Affecting Women and Girls (VAWG) was also prevalent during the quarter.

Kidnapping in Bayelsa State | May 10-16, 2020


Delta, followed by Edo and Rivers were the most violent states in the Niger Delta during the period, based on reported fatalities.


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Niger Delta Weekly Update – Deadly Armed Robbery in Ondo State (Feb 9-15, 2020)


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