Join our community of Champions

A community champion is a member or stakeholder of NDLink, deeply interested in the welfare of the community, its members and who actively engages
with other participants in the community to drive the community forward

What does a Champion do?

Champions contribute to the online conversations of the NDLink platform by engaging in forum topics and comments, posting articles, sourcing for regular blog posts and participating in social media discussions. They help to project issues they see around them for advocacy and developmental solutions. A major attribute of a community champion is the ability to be open and respectful, to appreciate the ideas of others and look for input, not just from people they know,
but also from other members of the community.


These professionals drive NDLink’s online conversations, engage in forum topics and comments,
posting articles, regular blog posts and participate in social media discussions.

What We Need From Champions

  • Able to spare at least 1-3 hours a month to the NDLink community, driving conversions in forum discussions, welcoming new members to the community, and creating awareness/promoting all community events.
  • Participating in monthly conference/meet-ups with other NDLink Champions and with the content coordinator to review activities for the coming month and to source for new content for the community
  • Provide at least 5 contributions to the forum discussions monthly, either in the form of initiating a forum discussion, replying to a forum discussion, or soliciting/providing resources to the community that would be useful for the general community.
  • Contribute to regular blog posts by sourcing for blog posts from members and the general public.
  • Help to drive NDLink’s online conversations on social media by retweeting, tweeting and regularly commenting on all SM platforms.

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