• Feb 4@ 7:16 pm
    NESG 2022 Macro-Economic Outlook: The Last Mile

      Nigeria’s economic progress can be likened to that of an athlete with the potential to become a star. This assertion speaks to the much-needed confidence in the country’s development +

  • Feb 11@ 12:58 pm
    4 Priorities for the Nigerian Economy in 2021 and Beyond

      Nigeria is at a critical point in its 60-year history. This state of affairs is occasioned by a mixture of favorable and unfavorable economic and socio-cultural events that happened +

  • Feb 10@ 4:33 pm
    Niger Delta Annual Conflict Report: January – December 2020

      The Niger Delta peace and security landscape underwent significant changes in 2020. Diverse conflict risk factors contributed to the changing conflict and security dynamics during the period. These conflict +

  • Jan 27@ 12:22 pm
    Petroleum Industry Bill, 2020

      Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy, is still largely governed by the Petroleum Act and the Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) Act, enacted since 1969 and +

  • Jan 14@ 11:52 am
    [Draft] Rivers State Youth Policy, 2020-2024

      Youth constitute a vital segment of the society. They represent the future of any country or state. A state with large youth population has the potentials for greatness if +

  • Oct 21@ 1:41 pm
    Women’s Rights Online 2020 Report

      The Web Foundation has published a Women’s Rights Online 2020 report, a snapshot of digital gender inequality across four countries in three regions. The report — Closing the digital +