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What is it?

The Appropriate Technology Enabled Development (ATED) Centre building which has a 75% energy reduction on the building compared to conventional buildings by modelling it based on the passive haus design concept that achieves all year thermal comfort with minimal energy expenditure.


Features of the ATED Centre include:

A Biodigester which converts human and food waste into gas for cooking

A Solar water heater which helps to trap energy and heat up water for use in the kitchens

Hydraform blocks which provide cooling


Activities that happen at the Centre

The many environmentally-friendly building innovations that the Center features are to enhance sustainability and provide the ATED team with a platform through which to launch climate change advocacy in the Niger Delta. Such innovations will, in the long run, reduce the amount of money spent on bills for electricity, fuel, cooking gas, to mention a few.

The Centre seeks to source and share existing or new appropriate technologies that meet the needs of communities and small business in the Niger Delta.


Where is it Located?

The ATED Centre is situated at the premises of PIND’s Economic Development Centre (EDC), No. 1 PIND-EDC Drive, Egbokodo-Itsekiri, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.



Book a Tour

The ATED Centre showcases working examples of technologies that reduce energy consumption, recycle waste, and provide alternatives to traditional power sources.

Send an expression of interest here or call 081 720 64643


Host your Events at the ATED Centre

The ATED Centre also provides a fully-equipped conference room for seminars, workshops, and other corporate events. The room can sit up to 50  guests comfortably and the soundproof windows help to block out distractions from the environment.


Looking for more Information about the ATED Centre?

Reach out to the Field Operations/ATED Centre Manager, Florence here and she will give you every information you need.



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