Member Spotlight For the Month- Eta Uso Jr.

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October 16, 2014
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We have started a new series on NDLink where we spotlight a member every month. We want to share the inspiring stories of members and their work, and how they have been able to use NDLink to further their professional careers. Our Member Spotlight feature enables us to share important information about the goals, challenges, and successes of NDLink members across the region. This month we have featured Eta Uso Jr., a young Nigerian trained in electrical/electronics Engineer.

My name is Eta Uso Jr. A Nigerian trained Electrical/Electronics Engineer. Professionally, I have always been very committed towards scientific and technological advancements, also the application of technology for development. Thus, in 2012, I went further to Master in Computing & Internet Systems with a major in Artificial Intelligence in the United Kingdom.
In building this essential critical mass around my committed passion for technology, I have made it a yearly ritual to attend and participate in the GITEX Technology Week – Dubai; the region’s (Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia) premium ICT exhibition/conference. Participation at this conference exposes me to the latest trends and technological advancements, most often months before the concepts or products hit the open market. Furthermore, participation in this yearly event opens up a vista each time, of networking opportunities with those in my niche as well as in general. Worthy of mention, my professional membership with the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – UK, Ireland and Nigeria chapter has further helped in building this critical mass.
Back home in Nigeria, I work as an ICT/Media consultant with basic focus on P.R and Information Technology solutions service-delivery for both private and government clients.
Being from the Niger-Delta, a region that was long neglected, I have at every point in my life looked forward to giving back to Nigeria and importantly my region in any way possible.
Based on the above, my association with the NDLink professional network is simply to harness the benefits of the platform and consolidate for increased and sustainable development in the Niger-Delta region. From the day I discovered and registered on the NDLink platform till date, I can boldly say that together, we are moving forward.
Furthermore, not only has NDLink been a platform for consolidating towards sustainable development for my region, it has also been an information loaded platform from where I am better informed each day to inform the less-informed with regards jobs, technological advancements and capacity building opportunities to say the least.

In conclusion, I am all for my people. The information, knowledge and exposure that I pursue is that I may give back to my people. This is why I live.

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