Special Palm Oil (SPO) Processing Technology

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November 24, 2013
Cassava Processing technology
November 24, 2013

Although the various components needed to produce special palm oil are currently available, no one has put them all together to create an affordable machine that can process palm fruit within the required 24-hour period. Most primary [processors produce technical palm oil (TPO). with the same quantity of fresh fruit bunches, millers can earn an additional 40% premium simply by introducing special palm oil processing equipment. the new technology will make it possible for harvested fruit to be processed within 24 hours – required to ensure a maximum 5% free fatty acid level and correct moisture content. as millers are unaware of the benefits of special palm oil (SPO), they do not have the machinery to produce It. this is a missed opportunity. coming together into associations, groups can afford to invest In this technology. with an integrated machine that included a sterilizer and whole bunch stripper, millers will be able to produce the much-in-demand SPO

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