Socio-economic impact of industrial effluent on Okrika River
November 24, 2013
Special Palm Oil (SPO) Processing Technology
November 24, 2013

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Improved fish smoking ovens are sustainable technologies that can raise income, living standards and quality of life. Fish smoking is an integral part of life in the riverine communities of the Niger Delta. Smoking prolongs shelf life, enhances flavor, reduces waste and increases protein availability. It is the most common form of fish preservation. Traditional smoking ovens are inefficient in capacity and fuel usage, cause poor-quality smoked fish and significant post-harvest loss. Women suffer health risks from smoke inhalation and burns. The chorkor fish smoking oven can be built from local materials, uses up to 805 less fuel, has high fish smoking capacity, is faster and healthier to use, and supplies a uniform and better quality product that attracts higher prices. Other options are available for commercial-scale smoking. The Chorkor oven was developed in Ghana when the health hazards of traditional smoking technology was recognized back in the late 1960s and is applicable to the riverine areas of the Niger Delta.

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