Reporting for Development: A guide for African Journalists

Cross Rivers Govt to commission Garment factory by April 2016
February 4, 2016
Imo state government commits N5bn for rural development
February 9, 2016

Development journalism has often been labelled as boring, too positive and abstract, far removed from the popular journalistic mantra “If it bleeds it leads.”Yet in Africa, as in throughout the world, journalism that dwells on the day-to-day global issues that touch on humanity has continued to gain resonance with ordinary citizens because of its relevance to daily experiences and challenges. Such issues include poverty, health, corruption, climate change, education, agriculture, equality etc.

With the help of this handbook, the African storyteller will be able to tell stories that matter on issues that matter and in a manner that does not clutter the page but appeals to the eye and the heart.



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