PIND 2023 Q3 Progress Report

1 month ago

This third quarter (July – September 2023) report is intended to keep our donors, Board of Trustees, and partners aware

Nigeria’s Annual Flood Outlook Report for 2023(NIHSA)

3 months ago

Introduction: Flood disasters are exacerbated by climate change. The 2022 floods in Nigeria were the worst experienced in the country

Petroleum Industry Act, 2021

4 months ago

Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Act(PIA) 2021, which was recently signed into law, is one of the most audacious attempts to overhaul

World Environment Day 2023- A Practical Guide to Beating Plastic Pollution

6 months ago

  We are addicted to plastic. We produce around 430 million tonnes of plastic a year, two-thirds of which are


Business Support Services

Business support service providers help small businesses improve their corporate services and increase their turnover profit. Looking for a Business Support Service Provider nearest to you ? Find one here. Register as a business service provider here

Agric Clusters

Click here to see where you can find clusters of Cassava, Palm oil and Fish farmers association across the region

Co-facilitation Services

These tested organizations can co-facilitate your agricultural value chain interventions

Agric Input Services

NDLink has a database of service providers who provide agricultural inputs like fertilizer, feed, and so on.

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