Music Cloud relaunches as with lots of amazing features

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By Ability Elijah 

Caketunes (formerly Musiccloud) is a web application, with domain name; It is a music and beat distribution platform for emerging artistes, DJs and producers. Caketunes gives every aspiring artiste a choice to succeed. Upon sign up, all users of Caketunes are being offered a unique page where their uploaded content are displayed. Users include visitors who come to discover good, unusual music of a wide variety of genres on Caketunes “Discover” page.

Caketunes is therefore, happy to announce to the public, our new version which comes with several amazing features and a great look. One of which we’re sure will excite our users is the “Beats Core”. Beats Core is an e-market for beats which gives users a convenient platform to buy and sell beats at a very affordable rate.

Also, the new version gives Caketunes users the ability to comment on & rate a track as well as like it- in a bid to move aspiring artistes to their zenith by getting them noticed/inherently discovered.

We have also been able to develop algorithms to help our users track related music and beats in terms of similarity, pattern and genre. The new version comes with a clean user timeline. In general, the new version 1.4 comes with a new User Interface (UI) and User Xperience (UX).

Bringing it down to bug fixes, problems associated with the former version which included “PlayBack”, “Search”, “Upload speed” & “Progress Bar” have been resolved.

Caketunes is also glad to launch a new campaign alongside the version 1.4, titled  “The Music In Me”. This campaign is themed: Talk You, Talk Music, Talk Legends.

This campaign is designed to give our users the opportunity to talk about themselves, what they feel about music/the impact of music in their lives and also, their musical preferences as well as personal musical legends who have inspired them on their journeys so far. You can join in this campaign using the harshtag #TheMusicInMe.

Finally, Caketunes formerly Musiccloud is no more a Nigerian inclined product, we’re everywhere around Africa now, due to much request from artiste from Ghana and Kenya.


Ability is Co-founder of Caketunes

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