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The Focus Hub is openings its doors to startups across the Niger Delta from the 1st of October, 2015. The space which is located on Psychiatric road will admit a number of Niger-Delta based startups into its incubator program. You can apply to join the incubator program regardless of the stage you are whether early stage or growth stage.

Focushub, using set techniques and strategies, is able to provide startups with the assistance they need to grow an idea to a full-fledged business that can win. We believe in developing the entrepreneur alongside the business as it is crucial to ensure business survival and growth. At every stage of the business lifecycle, the needs and requirement of each business varies, we are able to provide services that are flexible and fit those needs.

What we provide

Mentorship & Coaching: Startups incubated at the Focushub Incubation program benefit from some of the leading mentors who are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry experts. The mentors provide guidance and advice based on startup specific needs through calls, trainings, and informal meetings.
The program provides high quality training ranging from how to run a business to how to build scalable products/services and roll it out to the market successfully.By forming personal relationships with the best and the brightest entrepreneurial minds, startups are able to kick off on the right track.

Pool of Talent: One of the most unique part of this program is the ease of tapping into very good talent within the Niger Delta tech ecosystem. Incubated startups will have the opportunity to hirefrom a pool of volunteers/interns from the Niger Delta area to help them with the technical bits of the startup.

Office Space: It might not be the coolest of what the world has to offer, but the incubation program provides a way-above-average office space, that is just right for you to build the next big thing. The office space comes with the benefits of fast internet, printing services, comfy chairs, meeting/brainstorming space.

Networking: Our startups have access to the networks of our mentors and related partners. This will help you to reach extremely large number of professional connections from anywhere you want. You will find the support and contact you need with us!

Others are;
Access for funding, Office resources, Intellectual Property and related advice, business advice investor preparation and introductions to venture capital firms, numerous pitching opportunities,insightful seminars, hands-on practical workshops, one-on-one expert consultations among many others.

Ultimately, we are looking for technology entrepreneurs in the Niger Delta of Nigeria to help them launch and scale their businesses through collaborative ideation, go-to-market, marketing, user acquisition, sales, legal guidance, and fundraising.

Entrance Criteria
1. Startup must be based in one of the Nine Niger Delta states
2. Your business idea should solve a social problem in the Niger Delta
3. The idea must be innovative and technologically viable.
4. The startups should have maximum of three individuals who will be working on the startup solution at the Focushub facility.
5. Must have a working prototype or Minimum Viable Product
6. The Management team must possess the necessary expertise
7. The funding strategy must be realistic
8. Startups must be ready devote a significant amount of time to their startup over the incubation period

Selection Process

The application deadline is October 20, 2015. Focus Hub team will then shortlist the applicants and shortlisted applicants will participate in a pitching selection event during which they will pitch and meet the Focus Hub Team. The startups admitted to the hub will be announced at the end of this event. The incubation period will last for 6 months at the first instance and can be renewed subject to conditions.
Despite the deadline above, we are accepting and reviewing applications on a ROLLING basis. It is in your interest to apply early.Women-led startups are highly encouraged and welcome
To apply, kindly fill the form provided here.

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