Composting Toilets
November 24, 2013
Tippy Tap
November 24, 2013

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Animal, human and organic waste will produce bio-fuel for cooking, lights and power, and fertilizer for use on crops.Across the world innovators are finding affordable ways to do more with less. Bio-digesters are being used at a small scale, and they address multiple challenges in one simple solution. Human waste, animal dung and all organic waste can be combined in a bio-digester. The resulting natural processes produce methane and carbon dioxide gases, which can be captured and used. Appliances such as cook stoves, lamps and generators have been adapted to use bio-fuels. The resulting sludge is relatively pathogen free and can be sanitized to render it 100% safe using solar or other heating methods. The sludge makes excellent fertilizer.

PIND Foundation is currently piloting a Biodigester demonstration project at its ATED Demonstration Centre, Egbokodo, Warri, Delta State.


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