What VP Osinbajo said about the Niger Delta in his Democracy Day Address

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It’s no longer news that Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo stood in for President Muhammadu Buhari to give the 2017 Democracy day address; which so far has gotten a lot of positive reviews on social media. His speech highlighted the challenges and successes of the Buhari-led administration as they marked their 2nd anniversary in office.

Here are excerpts of the Speech that addressed the Niger Delta:

“…Across the country, in the Niger Delta, and in parts of the North Central region, we are engaging with local communities, to understand their grievances, and to create solutions that respond to these grievances adequately and enduringly.

President Buhari’s New Vision for the Niger Delta is a comprehensive peace, security and development plan that will ensure that the people benefit fully from the wealth of the region, and we have seen to it that it is the product of deep and extensive consultations, and that it has now moved from idea to execution. Included in that New Vision is the long-overdue environmental clean-up of the Niger Delta beginning with Ogoni-land, which we launched last year…”

Read the full speech on Vice President Osinbajo’s Medium here

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