TOR for Consultant to conduct Assessment on Access to Arable Land in Delta, Edo and Ondo States

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July 14, 2020
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PIND is a Nigerian non-profit Foundation established in 2010 with initial funding by Chevron
Corporation to support a portfolio of socio-economic development programs for Nigeria’s Niger Delta to improve the standards of living for communities in the region. PIND supports projects in collaboration with a diverse range of donor partners including bilateral and multilateral aid agencies, federal and state government agencies in Nigeria, private companies and foundations.

Access to land is a fundamental means whereby the poor can ensure household food supplies and generate income through production and processing. This applies both to societies in which subsistence agriculture is prevalent, where access to land is the sine qua non of household food security; and to societies where agriculture is more market-oriented, in which family farming -a means of farming managed and operated on family labor, (Garner, 2015) – provides a principal source of employment-generating the income with which to buy food according to an FOA report (2006).

Femi Royal: A careful examination of food security issues in Nigeria


The primary purpose of this activity is to understand the underlying issues and guiding principles of land availability and allocation for the cultivation of crops – with a focus on cassava, cocoa, and oil palm across Delta, Edo and Ondo States. This assessment would also provide evidence-based data of the economic value of increased production with which to engage government and communities to increase access to arable land to smallholder farmers.


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