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The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta, (PIND) in partnership with the West Africa Development Ltd (WAD) is inviting applications from organizations for CAPABLE courses commencing in October 2017.  Training will run till June 2018.  

The five courses are:   (1) Grant Making and Proposal Writing – 5 days; (2) Resource Mobilization – 4 days; (3) Monitoring and Evaluation – a two-part training – 5 days each; (4) Financial Management and Reporting – 5 days; and (5) ICT and Social Media for Communication and Advocacy – 5 days .  Training venue will either be PIND’s Economic Development Centre (EDC) in Port Harcourt or EDC Warri. 

The first training (which will be the Part 1 of the Monitoring and Evaluation) training will hold from October 30 to November 3, 2017 at the EDC Port Harcourt.  Date for the remaining trainings – planned for 2018 – will be communicated to participants in January 2018.

About PIND

PIND is a Nigerian non-profit Foundation established in 2010 with initial funding by Chevron Corporation to support a portfolio of socio-economic development programs for Nigeria’s Niger Delta in order to improve standards of living of communities in the region. PIND supports projects in collaboration with a diverse range of donor partners including bilateral and multi-lateral aid agencies, federal and state government agencies in Nigeria, private companies and foundations. With an overarching goal of increasing income and employment in the region, the Foundation has four distinct but interrelated program areas. They are:

  • An economic development program focused on generating opportunities for pro-poor market development and employment generation.
  • A capacity building program that will build the service delivery and engagement capacity of government, civil society and communities.
  • A peace-building program that strengthens conflict resolution mechanisms for enabling integrated peace and economic growth.
  • An analysis & advocacy program that improves analysis and understanding of systemic constraints to growth in the Niger Delta region.

About WAD

The West African Development Limited is an all-purpose development firm.  WAD provides a one stop shop for both national and international development experts on a wide range of subject matter and regional development issues including organizational development and capacity building, and support for state and non-state actors.  Foundational to all WAD development efforts is its experience in fundraising with bilateral, multilateral public and private sources nationally and regionally


The Capacity Building for Local Empowerment (CAPABLE) project was initiated after needs assessment identifying organizational capacity building as a gap in Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) support in the Niger Delta in 2011 under PIND’s Capacity Building Program. A key objective of CAPABLE is to build and enhance institutional and technical capacity of Niger Delta organizations for effective organizational performance and program management.  CAPABLE also has objective; and build financial and program management capacity of Niger Delta organizations in order to increase financial and program accountability, endear local organizations to development partners and foster partnership prospects and competitiveness of local organizations.

Subsequently in 2012, in partnership with Crown Agents CAPABLE trained 30 Niger Delta focused civil society organizations in project management, budget and financial management and Computer for Development Organizations.   The CAPABLE training was later refined in 2014 following a participatory evaluation review of the project in 2013.  

To date PIND’s partnerships for CAPABLE with development partners which include Crown Agents, WAD, the Agricultural Rural Management Training Institute and DFID Market Development in Niger Delta project, have trained over 100 organizations in the Niger- Delta.  CAPABLE has also provided post-training coaching and mentoring support, awarded  Challenge Funds to promote application of CAPABLE skills learned and  supported Communities of Practice for post training learning and interaction.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Organizations must be Niger Delta based or have considerable focus or presence in the Niger Delta
  • Organization must be committed to participating in all five courses.
  • Laptop is required to facilitate class and group tasks
  • Participation in all post-training activities including reporting outcomes and sharing success stories regularly.  Also participants are required to be active members of CAPABLE Communities of Practice.


Organizations are expected to identify the right staff for the appropriate modules.  Organizations are highly encouraged to have two participants attend each training.  CAPABLE is convinced that  having two participants from each organization will help build capability of  two individuals to develop complementary skills and acquire all-round capability and also ensure that skills are retain in organizations in the case of staff turnover.  Gender representation is strongly encouraged.  While right staff should be selected for each training, some courses (such as Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising) will require participation of the leadership of organizations.

Be informed that while CAPABLE will provide training materials, tea break and lunch during trainings, participants are responsible for their logistics i.e. transportation and accommodation.   

Please note that while participation in the training is not a guarantee for partnership engagement, commitment demonstrated and performance during this training will be considered for future program relationships and further capacity building opportunities.

Objectives of October/November 2017 Monitoring and Evaluation training include to:

  • Equip organizations with skill for planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Increase capacity of organizations to effectively measure and evaluate project results.
  • Building knowledge of participants on planning a development projects, using M&E Frameworks such as Results Framework, Logical Model and Conceptual Framework.

  After training, participants are expected to have:

  • Improved workable understanding of the key concepts in planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Increased appreciation of the purpose and benefits of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Improved knowledge and skills of how to plan a development project, using the Logical Framework Approach, and how to design an M&E Plan.

As stated above, the October- November training is the first of two-part M&E training.  The second part will be delivered in the first quarter of 2018.  

How to apply:

Applicants will be required to submit a letter of interest providing justification for intention to participate in the CAPABLE training and also provide names and contact information for participants for the October 30 to November 3 M&E training. Applications should be submitted to    Deadline for submission of application is October 17, 2017.

For further information, please contact Yemi Omire on 08172064601.


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