Recommendations from PIND Partners on Petroleum Host Communities Bill

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June 4, 2018
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June 7, 2018


The Petroleum Host and Impacted Communities Development Bill 2018 presents an important opportunity to help the most affected communities in the Niger Delta experience much needed socio-economic development. With some amendments, e.g.:

  • Allowing institutionalized Foundations and long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) construction projects continue;
  • Streamlining government resources towards continuing the financing of regional NGOs;
  • Mandating indigenous representation on the trust’s Board of Trustees;
  • Dedicating funds for technical assistance and capacity building of the Trusts that are to be created; and
  • Promoting new blood on Community Advisory Committees through tenure.

With these changes, the Bill will be better tailored to facilitate the desired advancement within the region.

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