Nigeria, Netherlands collaborates to boost food production

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February 19, 2016
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March 1, 2016

Chief Audu Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, in bid to boost food production in the country stated that the Nigerian government will be collaborating with Netherland’s government in area of machineries that can convert shafts from rice mills to briquettes for household use.

Ogbeh’s citied that, with the possibility that the country’s population could increase to 200 million by 2020, the country needs to fasten the growth of its agricultural sector and also develop it to the level of western nations like China, India etc.

“We need to put our growing population to good use by increasing local production of food crops. There is an urgent need for us as a country to grow more food crops in order to meet the demand of our growing population. This is why we are seeking more support from the international community towards the sustainable development of our country’s agricultural sector,” Ogbeh said.

He emphasized that the presidency was working towards improving the standard of living for the people was poised to take life back to the rural areas and improve the living standard of the people.

Other areas the government is working towards standardization in the agricultural sector of the economy includes Cattle breeding improvement, climate change, standardisation and certification of food products, seed development and improvement and capacity building.

Ogbeh said that the ministry of agriculture have also collaborated with other ministries like Ministry of Works, Environment, Water Resources and Industry, Trade and Investment to grow and develop the sector.

He further stated that Nigeria and Netherlands has had a business relationship in the past and can now enjoy sustainable development, with an assurance of creating opportunities in the agricultural sector.


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