All you need to know about the Niger Delta’s biggest food festival – Bole Festival

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Bole Festival is the biggest food festival South and East of Nigeria. It is a food-meet-fun event that has Rivers State’s bole and fish at the heart of festivities. It is a celebration of urban culture that creates a guide to the Niger Delta’s rich heritage through food, attracting food lovers from across the world.

In case you’re wondering, Bole and Fish consists of a roasted plantain with really spicy pepper sauce and fish. In Western Nigeria, there’s another version of Bole called “Boli and ekpa” which is roasted plantain and groundnut. When you try both versions, you’ll know which one is the original 🙂


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Beyond the food exhibition, Bole Festival has a strong urban appeal that cuts across all age demographics with an atmosphere that sets the tone for people to connect with friends and share a fun experience over a meal. These experiences are shared and discussed which has allowed us to build an interactive online community and become one of the most engaging topics on social media annually.

The 2019 edition of Bole Festival will hold at the Obi Wali Cultural center, Port Harcourt on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019.


Visit the festival website for more information

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