Small-Scale Processing Equipment (SSPE)
July 11, 2017
Chorkor Oven
July 11, 2017

About 60% of smallholder plantations in the Niger Delta region are above seven meters tall. Considering how expensive, time consuming and dangerous it is to harvest palm fruit using the traditional method of harvesting, there is the constant need for tools that can improve the ease and efficiency of harvesting palm fruit in the region. The Malaysian Knife is one of the efficient tools for easy harvesting of palm fruits. This harvesting knife can be used on trees nine meters and above and it is much cheaper than the Mechanical Adjustable Harvester.

PIND has entered into a partnership with Willstin Ventures, a lead distributor of the Malaysian knife, to promote adoption its in the Niger Delta. Additionally, the distributor for the mechanical adjustable harvester Texmaco has shown interest in also selling the Malaysian Knife. He has made an order of the knives to sell, and will soon begin conducting demonstrations. As it is cheaper than the Mechanical Adjustable Harvester, it has seen enthusiastic acceptance. So far, 20 Malaysian Knives were sold have been sold in the first quarter of its promotion.

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