Andrew Perebi Eneyi: Letter to Rivers People

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Dear Rivers People,

How are  you doing, hope you are all getting ready for the 2023 General Elections.

Please permit me to share with you something that has  been troubling my mind for some time now. It’s our Governor’s undying love for flyover bridges.  I overheard him bragging about being the only Governor that has built over 10 bridges in a short space of time in the country.  My curious mind keeps asking why flyover bridges? Why not primary health care centres, primary public schools or even economic programs to boost the Rivers Economy?

I pray my curious mind shouldn’t put  me into trouble but it keeps telling  me that there could be  more to these flyover bridges in Rivers State that meets the eyes. The question this mind of mine keeps regurgitating  is what could be Nyerisi’s attraction for bridges in a state where many of the “one million youths”  who campaigned for his election and re-election are languishing in unemployment.

Can the federal government help us investigate the romance between the  Rivers State Government and Julius Berger? I just want to know if the love is  organic like the one that made the people of Osun vote massively for the Dancing Senator now Governor-Elect  or It’s   FAKE ( in Gov. WIKE’s Voice).

Infact I want to move a motion that the federal government should  investigate the activities of Julius Berger across the country to know if they’re still operating using the international best practices. But I fear the FG won’t want to tow this part because of the severe consequences it might have on  both the PDP, APC and other Nigerians we hitherto thought were holy.

So, while I wait, fast and pray for a miracle to happen in this regard, please help me pray that this my mind won’t put me into trouble.

As I wrap this up, I pray God will keep us alive to survive this hellish Buhari government.


Andrew Perebi Eneyi writes from Port Harcourt




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