Planning/M&E Coordinator at PIND Foundation

Research Assistant at PIND Foundation
April 28, 2021
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Intern at PIND Foundation
July 26, 2021
Full Time
Nigeria, Port Harcourt
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LOCATION: Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

PIND Foundation is seeking for a qualified Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. The Planning Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator will provide performance information of the various interventions / projects of the foundation. S/he will also contribute to the development and refinement of the impact assessment methodology on an on-going basis. The position holder will be required to develop the monitoring and evaluation plan in which each indicator will be clearly defined with description of data collection and analysis methods, timing and responsibilities.


  1. Ensure projects have clear, concise and measurable output and outcome indicators, leading to
    demonstrable impacts.
  2. Implement monitoring and evaluation systems for high-level impact indicators, at the goal level,
    outcome level and output level.
  3. Assist intervention managers/coordinators in designing the results chain for interventions, defining
    and incorporating mechanisms to measure key indicators of change which reflect program’s outcomes,
    leading to desired impact.
  4. Determine the information needs of project management, implementing partners, intervention
    managers, primary stakeholders and funding partners.
  5. Support and ensure data demand and information use (DDIU) of PM&E reports to inform
    intervention focus and strategies.
  6. Review existing data for the project interventions in order to build this into baseline data for impact
    evaluation while identifying knowledge gaps that need to be filled.
  7. Design data collection/ performance tools for baseline studies and on-going monitoring and evaluation.
  8. Consult and reach consensus on how to record, report and analyze progress against the organization’s
    annual work Plan and budget and design the format of such progress reports.
  9. Collect, compile and analyze reports of implementing partners to prepare consolidated progress reports
    for project management to submit to the board of the organization, appropriate partners and other
    cooperating institutions.
  10. Contribute to identifying the teams of desk-based and field-based consultant/ researchers,
    partners and networks engaged to carry out tasks as part of the PM&E processes.


  • Minimum of five years’ experience in M&E systems design, performance measurement, indicator selection, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and database management required.
  • Knowledge of field-based assessment approaches.
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies and in gathering and analyzing social and
    economic data.
  • Experience in participatory approaches working with multi-stakeholder groups including intervention
    beneficiaries, BMOs government agencies, and civil society in understanding and addressing complex
  • Cross – cultural sensitivity and understanding of the political and ethical issues related to the Niger
  • Willing to travel extensively in Niger Delta and other locations per work needs.




Deadline: April 30, 2021

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