Investment In Agriculture

Environmental Sanitation Workshop at Emphasis Secondary School and Benviatto Group of Schools
November 21, 2013
NDDC flags on 3 road projects in Abia
November 21, 2013

The Coalition for Investment in Agriculture is keen to increase interest in agriculture and rural development. To do so, they formed a Coalition Agriculture Committee, facilitated by Professor Josiah Ayotamuno and Dr Adokiye Kalio and also developed proposals in livestock, aquaculture and cash crop. They are currently seeking investors to partner in pilot projects toward establishing an agro-based social enterprise. The projects include: A 525 Broiler Production Project N 824,450, Pig Breeding And Fattening Project N 2,582,000, A 525 Turkey Production Project N 1,308,950, 1,050 Layers Project N 6,009,200, Aquaculture N12,361,665, Fish Processing and Preservation N 5,200,760, Cassava/Maise Inter Crop N 263,000 ,Plantain Production N 1,116,500, Teleferia Production N 1,892,500.

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