Godson Ohuruogu
July 14, 2017
Sharon Georgewill
July 14, 2017

Co-Founder, FocusHub

Ikechukwu has had extensive experience in the world of IM & IT. He has expertise with several aspects including computer programming across several levels, Web apps and databases, server administration, embedded systems, and electronics and hardware, etc, having obtained his first degree in Computer Engineering from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. He is currently concluding his MSc in Automation and Control with the Imperial College London. Ikechukwu also has long experience in Project Management. He works with the Project Management Office in a multinational energy company as a Project Management analyst, supporting million-dollar projects on Benchmarking, Risk Management, and on their Cost and Schedule promises. From an early age, he has had deep interest in studying how things and systems work, and specific interest in computers. He has a personal desire to see IM & IT tools being deployed to solve real life challenges in society. Nigeria in general, and the Niger Delta area in particular, needs people to brainstorm and generate home-grown solutions which can find direct application to mitigate the socio-economic as well as technical and logistical challenges which are unique to our area. He is a co-founder of FocusHub. He provides technical, business and management mentoring and support to the hub’s activities as well as to startups being hosted.

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