Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and The Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Collaborate on Economic Growth

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The Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI) Foundation and the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business today announced a partnership to support the reduction of conflict and promote equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

As partners, GSEI and NDPI will work collaboratively to increase awareness of how conflict mitigation can lead to economic opportunity in the Niger Delta region; build the capacity of NDPI’s board, staff, and key stakeholders in best practices for organizational effectiveness and stakeholder engagement; and examine, showcase, and share best practices in corporate responsibility.

During 2015, NDPI and GSEI will jointly publish articles, case studies, and reports on topics related to the program, and showcase issues and trends in how business is engaging local communities and building economic opportunity while meeting social needs in conflict zones.

“We’re very pleased to be working with NDPI,” said Bill Novelli, founder of GSEI and professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. “This program is making important progress in addressing the complex social and economic challenges in the Delta, and we’re committed to helping to make a difference.”

Since 2010, the NDPI Foundation has focused on the establishment of innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships that support programs and activities that empower communities to achieve a peaceful and enabling environment for equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta. The foundation uses a corporate social enterprise model to partner with communities and international donors to implement market-driven, locally owned projects that create shared business and social value. GSEI has a similar approach, working with business, government, and the nonprofit sector to generate both economic value and positive social impact for all stakeholders.

“A commitment to meaningful partnerships is at the heart of the NDPI model,” said Dennis Flemming, executive director of NDPI. “Working in partnership generates the innovation and creativity necessary for designing smart development solutions with far-reaching impact.”

About the Global Social Enterprise Initiative: 
The Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business aims to prepare current and future leaders to make responsible management decisions that yield both economic and social value. Through practical training for global business leaders, the initiative promotes transformative solutions to and impactful investments in the world’s significant challenges in health and well-being, economic growth, the environment, and international development. It is led by Distinguished Professor of the Practice Bill Novelli and Executive Director Ladan Manteghi. Learn more at

About The Niger Delta Development Initiative (NDPI) Foundation:
NDPI is developing exciting new solutions to economic and social challenges in the Niger Delta. The foundation’s partner-centric approach uses regional knowledge to understand the root causes of economic instability and forge community owned, market-driven results. Learn more at

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