Bodo Phase 2 Cleanup Project Advances

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December 20, 2019
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January 13, 2020


The Phase 2 Bodo remediation project, after official commissioning by the community leadership of Bodo (Menebon in council) on 11 November 2019 with a traditional blessing, is in its sixth week of intensive activity including raking, tilling, recovery of liquid and solid oily wastes, and water-flushing of the oil impacted sediments.

So far, the cleanup project which is adjudged to be the largest cleanup of mangrove swamp in the world has recorded commendable gains with the recapture of about 27 cubic meters (27,000 liters) of spilled oil, and collection of large quantities of asphalt and tar, oily and plastic wastes, all which are being transferred to a government-approved treatment center.

Bodo Cleanup and Remediation Contractors Introduced to SCAT

The Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques (SCAT) team which is led by the Bodo Mediation Initiative (BMI) with representatives from the Bodo community, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), and the Federal and State government regulatory agencies (National Oil Spill Detection & Response Agency – NOSDRA, Department of Petroleum Resources – DPR and Rivers State Ministry of Environment – RSMENV) inspects and evaluates work executed by the contractors within the 1000 hectares work area.

Four remediation contractors alongside international spill response advisors who are directly involved in the cleanup are working assiduously to reduce the level of oiling in the impacted areas to allow for revegetation of mangroves and subsequent recovery of the ecosystem.

Consequently, community perception has revealed widespread acceptance of the project by the Bodo community members and high expectations for the successful cleanup and revegetation of the oil affected areas within the Bodo creek.


About BMI

In 2013 the former Dutch Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, Bert Ronhaar, took a personal interest in the Bodo case and he sought to assist in bringing about the clean-up, remediation, and restoration of oil impacted sites in Bodo. His consultation with the Nigerian government, SPDC, and the Bodo community led to the establishment of the Bodo Mediation Initiative (BMI) which was set up to oversee and mediate throughout the clean-up project.


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