Avoiding danger during a Protest or Riot

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August 3, 2019
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August 3, 2019


Each year thousands of people around the world are killed or maimed in what starts as a peaceful protest march. While these protest can happen anywhere they are most likely to happen in areas experiencing some tension and can become violent.

Here are some tips to avoid danger during a protest march;

  1. Avoid public transportation, especially at the motor park.
  2. Secure your home and business
  3. Wear clothes that minimize the amount of exposed skin
  4. Do not wear clothing that looks like Police or Military uniform
  5. Bring a solution of half liquid antacid and half water or rag soaked in lemon juice.
  6. Take a motorcycle helmet with you for protection.
  7. Mark out your escape route.
  8. Carry a small amount of cash with you.
  9. Take two phones
  10. Remain calm as Adrenalin will drain your energy
  11. Walk at all times
  12. Get inside and stay inside
  13. If the building is on fire, get out
  14. If caught, remain neutral
  15. Walk close to walls, avoid bottlenecks
  16. If you are in a car, remain inside except the car is being attacked.
  17. Do not drive to the Police or protesters, they will interpret it differently and attack you.
  18. Use social media to monitor the developments
  19. Wear glasses, not contact lenses
Credit: Myke Ekpe

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