August-September Monthly Conflict Tracker

[STORIFY] Niger Delta Development Forum (#NDDF2016) Day 1
October 25, 2016
Niger Delta Development Forum (#NDDF2016) Day 2
October 25, 2016

Sustainable peace and security remains a key challenge in the Niger Delta region. Recent trends in violence have shown significant rise in conflict incidents and violent fatalities since February 2015. According to data formatted from the Peace Map, in April-June 2016 (Q2), the number of fatalities is at the highest point since the end of the 2009 militancy. Please, follow the link below to access the IPDU August-September 2016 monthly conflict trackers for the 9 states of the Niger Delta

To ensure that these trackers are comprehensive, please contribute your knowledge by reporting any verified incident of conflict to the IPDU Early Warning System by texting a message to 080 9936 2222. Kindly include the relevant state, LGA, town, date, and brief description of the incident.

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