ABDC Series Major Update

Vigilantism and Mob Violence in Imo State – August 2-8, 2020
August 7, 2020
Social Cohesion Fellows at Africa Polling Institute
August 31, 2020


The Africa Blockchain Developers Call (ABDC) is set to open applications by the 15th of August. As such, the initiative’s goal of training and upskilling African blockchain developers seems to draw nearer with each passing day. We are delighted to announce that a number of reputable companies have recently joined the ABDC Team as partners.

We have established a media partnership with the popular cryptocurrency and blockchain media house, Coin News Extra. This partnership is targeted at expanding the initiative’s frontiers to reach a global audience.

Similarly, a strategic partnership has been established with Tezos West Africa for the joint facilitation of the program, and the provision of dev support. The Tezos platform will be available for the trainees to be intensively trained by a group of expert devs who would also be ready to provide guidance.

Official Launch of the African Developers Call Series


CODEX has also joined the team as our major partner. The company will officially be the first sponsor for the bootcamp, and will equally be donating 200 million CDEX to help assist in software development and the creation of blockchain applications on AltHash. CODEX’s mission is hinged on continuously building value by onboarding programmers and developers on AltHash. There are currently plans to introduce the ABDC trainees to the HTMLCoin software, as well as to promote applicatory advancements for CODEX on AltHash. The trainees will equally have the opportunity of making the list of approved developers on CODEX.

Each of the trainees will be trained in specific areas of development and design, as well as on a general scale. Specially tailored African solutions will be deployed, and these solutions will be more focused on three platforms, whilst we await the interest from two other platforms to make a list of five. Platforms on the current list include the Ardor blockchain platform, Tezos, and AltHash. Other public and private platforms will also be sampled during the course of the training.

As more interested partners, speakers, panelists, and resource persons keep joining the ABDC team to see this goal come to fruition, our doors remain open for more, as we still have numerous slots open in a very short window. We look forward to hearing from you. For enquiries, kindly send us a mail through info@abdcseries.com or visit www.abdcseries.com.


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