Poem: PIND, a new meaning

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November 8, 2021
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November 18, 2021


By Ebenezar Wikina


This poem was written and performed last week at PIND Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Awards and Gala Night.

For those who don’t know, I used to be a Spoken Word Poet as far back as 2010-2012 when I used to be called “Poetic Jazz” performing every Tuesday morning on Rhythm 93.7FM Port Harcourt’s Open Mic show with Eldee XXL 🙂 My colleagues found out somehow and got me to write this one last minute

I dedicate this one to PIND, our amazing EDs (past and present) Dennis Flemming, Sam Daibo, Dara Akala and Tunji Idowu plus everyone else who has made PIND’s successes over the past decade a reality.

So let us start with P

P is for Partnership

Always ready to extend a hand of fellowship

But P is also for Ponds

Home for the fish farmers sell to raise funds

P is for Peace, Yes

and the integrity of our PSS

P is for Palm Oil

The sweat of the farmers that toil

P is for progress

The change we see in the process


What about ‘I’?

Initiatives right?

Brainstorming projects from morning till night

I is for Ingenious

The results that show our genius

I is for Incredible

10 years of work so laudable

I is for Inspiring

Success stories that give life meaning

I is for IOC

Our impact is clear for all eyes-to-see


Now we have N…

N is easy

For the mangroves so breezy

N is for the Niger Delta

The same place we call our home, our shelter

N is for N-D-YEP

PIND’s story is just starting so don’t sleep yet

N is for the new lives to be touched

The new battles  to be fought

N is for N-O (NO)

Learning to choose our battles and take it slow

And that brings us to D…

This one is clear for all to see


D is for Directors

The compass we choose to direct us

D is for Dr Effiong

Our story will be told by both old and young

D is for Dennis

The Visionary that set the premise

D is for Daibo

The torch bearer whose steps we follow

D is for Dara

The feet that took us farther

D is for Duty

The pride and motivation we feel because we’ve got PT


Watch the performance below


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