NDLink & the Niger Delta Development Map

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September 17, 2018
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NDLink & the Niger Delta Development Map

NDLink is one of PIND Foundation’s several initiatives that aims to encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships in the Niger Delta. With just one click on the Niger Delta Development Map, which is available on NDLink’s website. Government officials, donors, international oil companies and development implementers will be able to access development information, like-minded professionals and organizations they need, to advance development efforts in the region.

NDLink’s solutions to challenges in the Niger delta

About the Development Map

NDLink’s Development Map is a mapping tool that provides detailed information on projects, both ongoing and completed, in the Niger Delta making it easy to visualize the development landscape in the region.

Why should your project be on the Development Map?

  1. Authenticity:​ Posting your project on our Development Map will add to the authenticity of your work because the Niger Delta (ND) Development Map’s strict verification process is of international standard.
  2. Visibility:​ The Development Map will add to the visibility of your projects, as more development actors will know about you and what you do, increasing your potential for engagement and funding. We spotlight verified projects and organizations posted on the Development Map via our newsletter, website, and social media platforms. NDLink has a combined followership of 13,000 across our Social Media platforms with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn having 3000+, 4000+, 3000+ and 1000+ followers respectively. On our website alone, we have an average of over 50,000 monthly visits with over 1800 registered members; about 500 profiled development projects around the Niger Delta, and over 200 development resources downloaded monthly.
  3. Platform to share your news:​ By posting your projects on the ND Development Map, you get to post your organization’s news on NDLink as additional channel for your information dissemination.

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Strategic Implementation Work Plan (SIWP) for Development in the Niger Delta (2017 – 2019)

Niger Delta Economic Prosperity Framework

What information is required for ND Development Map?

Basic information about the project as well as contact person for the project is required such as:

  • Project title
  • Project status (If project is ongoing, needs funding or is completed)
  • Project background
  • Project location
  • Funding partner(s)
  • Project budget
  • Goal and objectives
  • Sustainability plan
  • Project contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Project start and end date
  • Target group
  • Implementing partner(s)
  • Indicators
  • Project focus and result
  • Contact person

NDLink: Linking partners for Niger Delta Development

Download Project Data Form Below


You can reach Gbenga or Yvonne via email: gbenga@pindfoundation.org and yvonne@pindfoundation.org to submit your project data form, and for more information.

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