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August 3, 2017
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The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a loan from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to finance the cost of Climate Change Adaptation and Agribusiness Support Programme (CASP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds towards carrying out various consultancy services. The CASP is being implemented in the Savannah Belt of Nigeria, i.e. the 7 Northern States of Borno, Jigawa, Katsina, Kebto, Sokoto, Yobe and Zamfara. The programme would cover a total of 727 village areas composed of 207 existing Village Areas and 520 new village areas across 104 LGAs of the 7 Northern States.

The goal of CASP is reduced rural poverty, increased food security and accelerated economic growth on a sustainable basis. The programme development objective is increased incomes, enhanced food security and reduced vulnerability for smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth In the participating States.

The programme has four (4) components.

  • Component – Productivity Enhancement and Climate Resilience. The outcome is: productivity, sustainability, and resilience of smallholder farming systems enhanced.
  • Component – Enterprise Development for Women and Youth. The outcome of this component is: – smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth, benefiting from efficient and reliable markets for agro-inputs and commodities’.
  • Component 3 – Institutional Development. The outcome is sustainable, inclusive and market oriented rural community Institutions developed’.
  • Component 4: – Programme Coordination and Management. This component supports training, studies, workshops, reviews, monitoring and supervision missions and other knowledge sharing activities and staff allowances. It has support structures at the National (PSD), states (SSOs) and Local Governments (LGSOs)


The CASP hereby invites eligible/qualified individual consultants tc express interest in offering their services in the following specialist areas;

2.1 Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor

2.1.1 Specific tasks in the area include:-

(a) Assist Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator at PSO in carrying out M&E activities;

(b) Providing support in the alignment of existing planning and budgetary indicators and targets to ensure that they are appropriately presented and adequately linked to the achievement of strategic objectives;

(c) Establishing a comprehensive framework for the whole of CASP performance review through the establishment of a single performance review and reporting system;

(d) Identifying data provision and gaps to adequately set strategic indicators across the board for this work, and to offer recommendations to address any challenges;

(e) Reviewing the proposed electronic system for performance monitoring to determine its suitability as a central reporting and review system;

(f) Training and mentoring staff in M&E principles and techniques;

(g) Undertaking workshops in the development of performance indicators and targets;

(h) Developing an operational plan, procedures and toolkits for the core M&E function;

(i) Providing leadership in generating comprehensive CASP performance report;

(j) Other duties assigned by the M&E Coordinator.



(a) Masters or higher level University degree m Agricultural Economics, Economics, Statistics or other relevant field;

(b) At least eight years; experience working in a private or public sector environment or a regional or international agency at a Senior Level. Previous experience in an IFAD Project would be an added advantage;

(c) Specialized training in M&E., Project Cycle Management, Public or Private Sector Reform, Strategic Planning and Policy Formulation would be assets;

(d) Demonstrable experience in delivering a monitoring and evaluation framework and supporting systems in an African country;

(e) Excellent oral and written communication skills;

(f) Research, analytical and problem solving skills,

(g) Good knowledge of best practices m M& E in the Public Service environment;

(h) Good IT skills; Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word etc);

(i) Good presentation, coordination and organizational skills.


2.1.3 Contract Duration: 9-month


2.2 Business Development Advisor


2.2.1 Specific tasks in the area include:

(a) Familiarize her/himself with the programme area and relevant project documents including the PDR, PIM and Working Papers;

(b) Contribute to the production of annual work plan and budget(AWPB) of Component 2 as required under IFAD regulations and assist with meeting their reporting obligations;

(c) Carryout a need assessment in order to develop a training/capacity building programme for Agribusiness Officers which will be executed in the course of CASP implementation. Such training could beIn-house, local or international;

(d) Provide technical assistance in the design and delivery of training oriented towards enhancing the institutional capacity of CASP Agribusiness Staff to promote private sector agribusiness, including thorough market identification, market access, value addition, business management, quality and safety enhancement and the improvement of market linkages with formers;

(e) Provide guidance in the development of specific Enterprise/Venture Manuals that would enhance investment in the value chains and activities promoted under CASP;

(f) Provide technical guidance in the preparation of business plans and implementation, business model appraisal, community action plans (CAP) and the formulation of ToRs and scope of works for engagement of Service provider/Consultants under Component 2;

(g) In collaboration with the Agribusiness Specialist develop curriculum for providing technical training and mentoring of N-Agripreneurs;

(h) Provide technical direction in the development of models to promote agricultural value chain financing (AgVCF) along selected value chains, including trader credit, contract farming and inventory credit



(a) A minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience related to rural business development, agriculture sector, micro finance and marketing, competitiveness and value chain analysis in developing countries and developed countries.

(b) At least three (3) similar assignments related to the preparation, formulation and development of Agriculture involved businesses within the last five (5) years.

(c) At least five (5) years experience in the identification, minimum three (3) years previous experience working with rural micro-to-small scale businesses providing either; business development services, training and/or technical assistance.

(d) Advanced university degree in Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Marketing, Economics, Business Administration (MBA) or a related discipline.


2.2-3 Contract Duration: 9-month


  1. 3 International Consultant to Provide Technical Assistance to Financial Service Associations (FSAs) and Accumulating Savings and Credit Associations (ASCAs) Local Service Providers


2.3.1 Specific tasks in the area include:

(a) Develop a detailed package of training -modules for participants covering the relevant technical areas of F5A and ASCAs methodologies as well as any related additional information;

(b) Demonstrate in practical terms how to establish and strengthen FSAs and ASCAs in the field;

(c) Demonstration of translating rural penetration strategies to outreach and depth of financial services in rural areas;

(d) Carry out documentation along with feedback and an evaluation of the workshop, including the design and implementation of evaluation instruments, etc.

(e) The Consultant is expected to equip the FSA Service Providers with the

understanding of:

the documentation, concept and methodologies of Financial Services Associations;

how to conduct rapid financial appraisal to establish the feasibility and viability of FSAs;

the key components of the FSA Model and emerging issues;

how to analyze and assess the potentials of FSAs In providing sustainable and accessible financial services in the rural areas;

the formation and strengthening of FSAs and ASCAs;

the governance and management structure of FSAs;

Credit management risk management and Internal control;

Product development for FSAs.

Prepare and submit a final training report, with an accompanying presentation, 5days after completion of the workshop. These must be accompanied with the attendance register completed at the training.



The Consultant should have 10-15 years of experience In rural finance.

The Consultant should have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Banking and Finance, and other related disciplines

Excellent knowledge of the concept of FSAs and ASCAs and their methodologies.

Have experience in setting up community based financial institutions. Good knowledge of

Rural Microfinance Institutions (RMFIs)

Strong knowledge of IFAD and other development partners, as well as the structure and organization of farmer’s organization.

Good communication, mentorship and writing skills.

Proven track record in coordination, supervision, monitoring of development projects / programme implementation.

Ability to motivate, mentor, inspire and achieve results will be an added advantage.

Ability to provide past hands on experience with a case demonstration of translating rural penetration strategies to outreach and depth of financial services in rural areas will be an advantage.


Contract Duration: 15 days



Interested consultants should submit their detailed curriculum vitae with a covering letter indicating area of interest. A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out In the IFAD Procurement Guidelines.

Interested individual consultants should submit electronic and two hard copies (by hand or post) of their expression of interest (EOI) in sealed envelopes with the interested area of specialization clearly marked on the top left hand comer of the envelope.

Electronic copies should be forwarded to muhdlawalidah@gmail.com and mbbatsari@yahoo.com

This submission and hard copy should be addressed to the undersigned and submitted on or before 21st July, 2017.


Muhammad Lawal Idah

National Programme Coordinator


Olusegun Obasanjo Drive

G.R.A. Katsina,

Katsina State- Nigeria.


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