A Day in the Life of a Niger Deltan – Lateefa, the Peacebuilding Amazon

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For Lateefa Musah, a Peacebuilding Practitioner and founder of Alira Skincare based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the day often begins at about 6:00am with her morning prayer and a passage of her devotional.

Having studied in the UK, Lateefa returned to Nigeria with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and a passion to contribute to Nigeria’s development. She made the migration from civil engineering to development as a result of this passion when she joined Niger Delta Link (NDLink) as a volunteer Champion.

“I started off as a volunteer for NDLink and then became an intern. I’ve been working in development for the past 2 years and I like the fact that it allows me to explore a new career path, meet people, learn amazing skills and apply them. It also allows me the opportunity to know more about the Niger Delta region.”

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Lateefa currently serves as Administrative/Program Officer at Partners for Peace, the largest network of Peacebuilding actors in West Africa with over 6,800 members across the Niger Delta region. The Partners for Peace Network was established by PIND Foundation and her day-to-day work involves coordinating project and reporting activities by the various State chapters that make up the network. “I always write out what I’ll like to achieve for every day, I am mostly in the office the rest of the day except I have outside engagements like video shoots, radio programs, etc.”

With such a day, you wonder if she gets any fun at all. “…when I get back home after work at about 7:00pm, I relax, watch a movie, tidy up any work that’s left, have dinner, shower and then it’s off to bed at about 10:00pm.”

Her favourite thing about the Niger Delta is, of course, the food. “…especially the way various States play about with sea food. Its great to see especially as a food lover.”

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