2018 SOCIAL PROGRESS INDEX Methodology Summary

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The Social Progress Index is a well established measure, published since 2013, that is meant to catalyze improvement and drive action by presenting social outcome data in a useful and reliable way. Composed of multiple dimensions, the Social Progress Index can be used to benchmark success and provide a holistic, transparent, outcome based measure of a country’s well being that is independent of economic indicators. Policymakers, businesses,  and countries’ citizens alike can use it to compare their country against others on different facets of social progress, allowing the identification of specific areas of strength or weakness.

The 2018 Social Progress Index ranks 146 countries on social progress. We combine 51 social outcome indicators to calculate an overall score for these countries, based on tiered level of scoring that include measures in health, safety, education, technology, rights, and more. We also consider the data of 90 additional countries, calculating partial component level scores when enough data are available. In all, the Social Progress Index measures at least some aspects of social progress across 99% of the world’s population.

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