• Oct 30@ 1:41 pm
    World Development Report 2018

    Millions of young students in low and middle-income countries face the prospect of lost opportunity and lower wages in later life because their primary and secondary schools are failing to +

  • Oct 30@ 12:23 pm
    State of States Report 2017

    Many state governments are confronted by rapidly rising budget deficits as they struggle to pay salaries and meet contractual obligations and overheads due to a dip in oil price from +

  • Oct 9@ 4:12 pm
    State of Internet Freedom in Africa

    For many African countries, Internet shutdowns are becoming the most preferred control mechanisms governments are using to curtail the right to freedom of expression and access to information online. This +

  • Sep 22@ 6:05 pm
    Deloitte sustainability banking report

    Deloitte surveyed 18 of the largest banks in Nigeria to understand how they have adopted sustainable banking principles, what their experience has been and what they need to overcome the +

  • Sep 22@ 12:20 pm
    Download: NGO Regulatory Commission Bill

    Download the NGO Regulatory commission bill sponsored by the Deputy Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon. Umar Buba Jibril.   +

  • Aug 3@ 6:52 pm
    Niger Delta Conflict Tracker (May – June 2017)

    This monthly tracker is designed to update Peace Agents in the Niger Delta on patterns and trends in conflict risk and violence in the Niger Delta, as identified by PIND +