About Us

What is NDLink?

As one of several PIND initiatives to encourage partnerships in the Niger Delta, NDLink is an information and communications platform aimed at leveraging the power of the internet to unite stakeholders in the region. With the help of Devex, the largest online community for international development professionals, PIND has conducted market research to assess challenges and identify potential solutions in order to close the existing communication gap and improve information sharing.

NDLink strives to stimulate sustainable regional development through:
  • Dialogue
  • Information sharing
  • Coordination
  • Partnership


With just one click, private and public stakeholders in development, both local and international, will be able to:
  • Understand current events in the region
  • Engage reliable partners
  • Find staff and consultants
  • Promote successful examples for community engagement to relevant audiences
  • Publish and find funding opportunities
  • Find employment opportunities
  • Build relationships and networks
  • Build and share collective knowledge


Become a Partner for Development

Partnerships are the building blocks of NDLink, and the core of PIND’s approach to development. Interested organizations can become NDLink Partners by paying a fixed annual contribution, and can avail of a dedicated page on the platform displaying their current projects and job openings. NDLink will also provide partners with space to display their promotional activities and advertisements free of charge.

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