How do we attract more investments in Agriculture?

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    Do you think public & private groups partner to grow #Agriculture in Niger Delta? How do we attract more investments in Agribusiness? Let’s hear your opinion.



    Dangote has invested over $1 billion in commercial rice production in Nigeria – the largest ever single investment in food production in Africa. Let us encourage more of such private investors into the agricultural sector



    Damilola, thank you for your valid contribution/information. My concern is the comment “let us” who are the us? I am waiting for response, not necessarily from Damilola.



    I will start by how do we empower and create access to markets for the current farmers and get youths into the agriculture sector? which has been neglected by our youths, especially those who have some form of non formal training or TVET education If you look well overall at the industry its a money making industry that youth groups can start a business approach with especially using new emerging technologies to aid access to markets, working on food security issues etc. The is a good platform for young people to visit and learning stuff about a new feature which I encourage folks to read on the site is on “Harnessing the potential: ICTs and Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture”

    I will be contributing more on this in later weeks ahead.




    Oh nice. Thanks a lot for providing that resource link. That could be a good link to add to our NDResource page.



    I think re-branding the agricultural sector is vital. People especially the youth have in the past (or even up till now) seen agriculture as a poor mans business with the stereotypical picture of a farmer on a bicycle with a hoe and cutlass whereas we are in a technological era with appropriate technologies that can increase production as well as take a way the stress of manual labour. Agriculture is far more than that. Therefore the orientation or thinking of the agro-business sector has to changed. Besides production (farming) there are various opportunities with the agricultural value chain (processing, transporting and even exportation). Agriculture can be seen as “sexy” and lucrative because it actually is.



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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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